Yellow Teeth in Cats: Causes and Treatment


Pets need regularly performed hygiene as much as humans do. This is especially true when we speak about the oral care. As it often happens, the owners find that their cat has yellow teeth. Why is this happening and what should be done about it?


The first reasons for a kitten’s teeth suddenly turning yellow may be dental plaque, tartar or even caries. The condition occurs due to the fact that the remains of food get accumulated on the animal’s teeth. The resulting decomposition products are a favorable environment for active reproduction of bacteria. The color gradually acquires a yellowish tincture then darkens even further down to a brown accretion. It also hardens over the years and eventually turns into tartar and causes caries. These diseases bring unpleasant symptoms to the cat, as their gums and teeth can be very sore in this condition. Moreover, the list of possible causes that may lead to the development of yellow tincture on the cat’s teeth include the following phenomena:

  1. yellow teeth in cats cleaningAge. The older the animal is, the greater becomes the likelihood of cat’s teeth enamel looking yellow.
  2. Pathologies of the oral cavity. If the animal has inflammatory processes in its mouth, the risk of developing tartar increases significantly.
  3. Inadequate Nutrition. A cat may have yellow teeth due to a diet rich in food coloring agents. Another reason is a menu that consists only of soft foods that are not able to cleanse the teeth.
  4. Lack of proper hygiene. You should regularly perform brushing of your cat’s teeth. You can do this either at home or with the help of a veterinarian.

In domestic cats, plaque on the teeth is formed much more often than in those who are able to chew grass, gnaw bones, and thus cleanse their jaws. If the pet is not let out at all, the responsibility for its dental health is shed on the shoulders of the cat’s guardian.

How Should You Deal with the Problem?

If the yellowish tint on the cat’s teeth has formed due to plaque, then it will not be difficult to deal with the problem. You just need to carry out hygiene procedures and continue performing them regularly. In addition to actual yellow teeth in cats treatmentcleansing and brushing, you can purchase chewing toys for your pet.

If the pet’s guardian timely gives his or her full attention to the appearance of plaque on the cat’s teeth and takes all necessary measures to eliminate the problem, it will be possible to prevent the development of many worse pathologies of the oral cavity. If a yellow tartar is suspected in a cat, then a specialist should be visited as soon as may be. The vet will select the most optimal method of treatment depending on the number of affected teeth. He or she will also take into account whether a the disease has affected the gums and the way the cat tolerates various manipulations.

Dental tartar is a hard deposit on the surface of canines and other teeth; therefore, it cannot be easily removed with a common brush. Veterinarians take to special tools or an ultrasonic method in this case.

yellow tooth in catIf it is not an advanced stage of pathology, a gel that is able to dissolve such dental deposits on the enamel can solve the problem. If the tartar has spread to the gum, then the necessary cleansing manipulations are performed under general anesthesia.

Let us be clear that it is possible to avoid the development of many dental pathologies in cats by regularly carrying out simple preventive measures and immediately contacting a specialist if changes in the coloring of the tooth enamel has occurred despite all the efforts.

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