Swollen Eye in Cat – Is It Possible to Overcome without Doctor?


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Not every pet lover has the knowledge and skills of a professional veterinarian. Often it is not so necessary. However, it is useful to know the possible causes of simple pathologies. For example, a cat has weepy swollen eye: why could the problem occur and what to do in such a situation?


The main reason for eyes swelling is trauma. Surely everyone knows that when you hit the affected area it becomes noticeably swollen. This phenomenon is called – traumatic edema. Often swelling is the only visible sign that your cat hit its head hard. After all, animals don’t have bruisers.

If cat has swollen eye with discharge and the eye is hot to the touch, most likely some foreign object got inside. It can be a thorn of a plant, sand or something else. Do not try to pull it out yourself, as you may only harm your sick pet.

There is also a possibility of conjunctivitis or other inflammation that has affected some parts of the eyeball. Especially dangerous in this regard is glaucoma. It develops against the background of increased intraocular pressure, and the strength of the latter may be so high that the eye is noticeably “protruded” to the side. Signs of this pathology are: severe pain, disorientation of the animal in space and other symptoms.

Keratitis is also very dangerous for the animal. It is the so-called inflammation of the cornea. If the disease develops according to the acute type, the eye swells strongly, a large amount of exudate is released from it, it tears.

You should not exclude the presence of oncology ob both benign and malignant nature. You will never identify this disease yourself, and therefore you should contact a veterinarian. Often with tumors of malignant etiology the cat swollen eye with discharge in catmay completely lose its sight, or there is a loss of coordination. If a cat has swollen eye, then this symptom could indicate the growth of tumors.

Blepharitis should be also mentioned as the cause of eye swelling. This is the so-called inflammation of the eyelids. In this case, the eyelids swell, and at the slightest pressure on the eye the cat shows all the signs that there is pain. In mild cases, you can first notice redness on the eyelid, which sometimes passes spontaneously. The eyelids become swollen, hot to the touch and intense. The cat in this case, most likely, will constantly lie with its eyes closed, as even blink in this situation causes pain. When severe swelling of the eyelid the eye could hardly open.

weepy swollen eye in catAbnormal inversion of the eyelids is also an unpleasant disease, often leading to similar symptoms. In cats these ophthalmic disorders occur rarer than in dogs, but it still happens. When inversion, the eyelashes are in close contact with the cornea, scratch and “cut” it. As a result, all the same inflammation and swelling develops, the body often strongly suppresses. With the inversion of the eyelids, the inside surface dries up, cracks, and therefore is inflamed and swollen.

Finally, a relatively harmless, seemingly swelling of the eyelids may indicate dangerous pathologies of the cardiovascular and excretory systems. If their functionality is reduced, edemas develop quickly in the body. Eyes are often affected. As a rule, other organs also swell, so in this case, you should immediately take the cat to the vet.

First aid

So what to do when a cat has one swollen eye? First of all, remember that you should not perform any self-treatment without consulting the vet. It does not worth it. Doing this you will only harm the health of your pet. But in mild cases of conjunctivitis, the owner can help the cat. To do this, you can use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. swollen eye with pus in catMoisten a cotton swab and gently wash off the crust and liquid exudate, accumulating in the corners of the eye. Put tetracycline ointment under the eyelid. It effectively relieves inflammation and reliably prevents the further development of pathogenic microflora.

It is better to use a weak solution or furatsilin or potassium permanganate for washing the eye. In the latter case, the color of the therapeutic composition should be pale pink, as higher concentrations of potassium permanganate can be dangerous for the cornea. In addition, good results are obtained by washing the eyes with decoctions of sage and chamomile. They have a germicidal effect and also relieve swelling and the main signs of inflammation. If your pet is peaceful and calm, you can try to attach a cold compress to the eye. This will help to relieve swelling, pain and inflammation. Of course, such a simple method will not work to cure a sick eye completely, but at least you will stop the pain and make it easier for the animal to wait for the visit of the veterinarian. Never rub or massage the eyes! You will not only hurt the cat but also contribute to the further development of the pathological process.

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