What Can Cause Red Spot above Cat’s Eye?


red spot above kitten’s eye

Not all masters immediately notice the appearance of a red spot above the eye of a cat, because it can be hidden under the fur. In the most scenarios, the problem is detected by concomitant symptoms that affect the behavior of the pet. The animal begins to scratch itself to the blood or rub its face on hard surfaces. Also a lot of depends on the reason that caused the appearance of red spots over the eyes, as it can be of an infectious nature, which is characterized by severe itching, weeping, and hair loss.

How to Understand What Is Wrong with the Pet?

If, apart from the spot, the animal does not bother, the appetite is normal, the activity has not changed, then you can observe the dynamics for several days. There is a chance that everything will go away by itself if the reason lies in a slight allergic reaction to a substance or an insect bite. If the lesion increases in size, itching appears, hair begins to fall out, and the cat behaves uneasily, then the veterinarian can’t do without it. He will be able to carry out the necessary diagnostic measures, conduct an external examination of the animal at the time of arrival at the clinic. Based on the data received, the following options will be considered:

red spot above eye in cat
  1. Eosinophilic granuloma. A common disease among cats of all breeds. If manifested on the oral mucosa, then in the form of ulcers. It can also appear above the eyes in the form of a red spot, slightly rising above the surface of the skin. At the initial stage, the animal may not bother at all, and even the abyss without a trace without any treatment. The treatment is prescribed for formations, which concern the pet (usually this refers to mucous lesions, which lead to refusal to eat). In most occasions, eosinophilic granulomas are associated with malnutrition, so treatment includes a strict diet and the transition to hypoallergenic food. In some cases, good results are shown by the complete exclusion from the everyday life of the animal of plastic objects (dishes, toys). In severe cases, prolonged treatment with hormonal drugs combined with a vitamin complex is used. It must also be remembered that eosinophilic granuloma is not cured once and for all. In the future, the cat will need constant symptomatic treatment during a period of severe exacerbation.
  2. Food allergy. It is found most in cats of ornamental breeds that have an innate tendency to various types of allergies. Improper feed in breeds such as Maine Coon or Sphinx can lead to serious skin and hair problems. Itching can cause deep scratching and weeping wounds in different parts of the body. Therefore, a red spot above the cat’s eye may turn out to be a reaction to one of the components included in its daily diet. It is good when the symptoms coincide with a recent change in the brand of feed or the introduction of a new product into the diet. Then there is a good chance to find and exclude a potential allergen. But, more often, the owners are still unable to determine the allergen and it all ends with symptomatic treatment.
  3. Burn. A red spot above the cat’s eye can be a burn after touching hot objects (pipes, dishes) or contact with chemicals. First-degree burns usually go away on their own without any therapeutic measures. If vesicles filled with a cloudy liquid appear at the burn site, then it is better to show the pet to the veterinarian to exclude the possibility of damage to the deep layers of the skin, muscles and bones. In such cases, anti-inflammatory and regenerative drugs cannot be dispensed with. Sometimes the veterinarian has to remove dead skin and conduct antiseptic treatment of the wound to avoid getting a secondary infection. Healing is long, after serious burns there are scars, in this place the coat does not grow.
  4. Frostbite. It can also lead to the appearance of red spots over the eyes of a cat. This mainly applies to street animals, which do not have the opportunity to hide from severe frosts. Most often, the muzzle, tail and limbs are frost-bitten. Along with redness, edema and soreness are present. It is recommended to place the animal in a warm room as soon as possible and cover the frost-bitten areas with a thermally insulating cotton-gauze dressing to slow down the warming. In no case should you rub it with your hands or treat frostbitten skin with warming solutions (alcohol).

The masters, whose pets are often on the street, should remember that red spots above the eyes may be the first signs of ringworm, which can be transmitted to other animals and even humans. Also, one cannot exclude the possibility of a bacterial infection that could have formed at the site of wounds after claws or bites.

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