Is It Necessary to Sound the Alarm if Pus Is Occurred in Cat’s Mouth?


A pus in cat’s mouth – it is always indicate existence of infection, which can be caused by a number of factors, starts with a tiny wound, which served as an entrance gate for pathogenic bacteria, and ending with serious inflammatory processes, as result of complicate dental problems. In the majority of cases the masters notice the problem after the appearance of fetid odor from the mouth or food refusal in their pets.

What Must Be Excluded in the First Place?

When pus in mouth in can is appeared, checkup of every part of oral cavity must be done primarily, to find out fistulas, abscesses, stomatitis and gingivitis. Exactly these diseases frequently predispose inflammatory processes in the mouth in animals. And now let’s talk about each of them in more details:

  1. Abscess. More often than not from people you can hear the word boil, which will be synonymous for the medical term abscess. It may build up on gum, roof and tongue. Abscesses are filled out with pus and blood clots inside. The reason of appearance of it may be connected with getting under the skin of an extraneous body or infection, which spread even through little scratches. It is enough one small abscess near animal’s tooth that would provoke terrible pain while eating. In future, pus may occur in the mouth of pet, which will indicate that a boil is erupted by itself. Above all master should treat a wound with help of antiseptic. In the immediate future it is not recommended feed with hard food to cat, to give a chance for wound to heal. If abscess is occurred because of bone or another extraneous body which has get under the skin, then it should be taken away. Elsewise the appearance of new abscess is not long in coming.
  2. Trauma. In the majority of cases cat injuries its oral cavity during having a hard meal. Especially, if animal has access to meat or fish bones. These damages always leads to appearance of pus, unpleasant odor and bleeding. The most complicate – is to find out the root of case, that turn out well not every master. Because a few cats give inspect their oral cavities without encumbrance. Usually a problem is indicated only when the suppuration process has begun. Longer heal injuries after teeth and claws of another animals, which pet can get while playing or quarrel. If suppuration began due to a bone fragment falling into the gum, then as a concomitant symptom, strong salivation on one side may join. Up to then foreign body will not be removed from the mucous membrane of the pet, the inflammatory process does not stop. Big fragments may remove yourself with tweezers, previously treated the wound and the tool with an antiseptic solution. If there’s nothing to cling to, it’s better not to delay a visit to the veterinarian, as chic can start swelling, which will greatly complicate the extraction of a foreign body.
  3. Deep dental caries. Neglected form of caries can provoke inflammatory process in the mouth of animal that is connected not only with appearance of pus, but with redness and bleeding gums. If ignore the problem, then the process can be complicated by the formation of abscesses on the gums, the appearance of fistulas and tooth loss. Most often, caries is formed due to tartar and chips. There are breeds that have problems with teeth from an early age due to malocclusion. These are mainly breeds with a flattened muzzles. It is recommended to accustom to regular brushing from early age (at least once a week) and removal of tartar (at least once a year). Any chipped teeth during life is best shown to the veterinarian, because in that area caries can form, which will lead to tooth loss.
  4. Root of tooth. Most often the pus in cat’s mouth can be found due to roots that were not removed from the gums in time. We are talking about cases where a pet breaks off a tooth under the root. Over time, the root may fester, which will affect the appearance of the gums in this place (swelling and redness). Along with this, bleeding gums and putrid odor from the mouth may occur. Finally, the problem may be solved by removing rotting root with help o a special dental instrument. But during inflammatory process it is impossible to do this procedure without narcosis.

Pus in Cat’s Mouth Photo

Separately, It must be reminded that the masters of sphinxes and Maine Coons that their pets may have pus in their mouth due to an innate predisposition to gum disease at an early age.

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