What Does the Lump Under Cat’s Eye Indicate?


It is impossible to imagine a house without your favorite cat, as the pet brings a lot of positive emotions and happiness to its owner. There are moments when the cat, like all other animals, gets sick and then there is an actual question of what to do. Eye diseases in pets are quite common, so it is important to know their possible causes. When a lump occurs under the eye of the cat you should try to understand the reason for such a disease.

The Main Causes of the Lump Under Cats Eye

There are many factors that can provoke the appearance of a lump. Before you start to treat your pet, it is important to determine what caused the symptom. Experts identify the following main causes of eye pathologies:

  • Injury. A common factor that contributes to the formation of lumps is trauma. If the cat hit its head badly, it may have a traumatic edema. Pet fights with another cat can also become the cause of the eye damage. Eyelids wounds can be superficial, deep or punctured. In this case, the tumor of the eyelid is accompanied by redness of the eyes or a small bleeding. If the wound is shallow, it could be self-healing and the swelling will subside. In case of deep damage to the eyelid, it is necessary to put a bandage on the pet’s eye and take it to the veterinarian.
  • Foreign object. The ingress of a foreign body into the eye can also cause a tumor. Sand, thorn or plant can get inside. In this case, the eye becomes hot to the touch, it oozes exudate. You should not try to pull the object yourself. It is better to take the pet to the vet.
  • Avitaminosis. Inflammation of the eyelids sometimes occurs due to vitamin deficiency or metabolic disorder. With simple inflammation (swelling appears, and the edges of the eyelids become red), it is important to use an ointment with an antibiotic. Oxycort and prednisolone will help your pet to recover quickly enough. Phlegmonous inflammation manifests itself in the form of swelling of the eyelid and is accompanied by a purulent abscess. In the presence of such a lump under cats’ eye, you should immediately visit the veterinarian and lance the abscess. The specialist can prescribe a course of injections, as well as further washing of the eyelid with chamomile restorative drink or 3% boric acid solution.
  • Conjunctivitis and keratitis. Inflammation of the eye in the form of conjunctivitis and keratitis is another cause of tumor formation. In the first case, swelling appears around the eye, and its redness is visible. When conjunctivitis increased lacrimation and accumulation of mucous discharge in the corner of the eye occur most often. For the treatment of the disease, eye drops (0.25% solution of novocaine or levomycetin, as well as sofradex or 1% solution of kanamycin) are used.
  • Oncology. The above mentioned eye diseases respond well to treatment. If the cause of swelling of the eye is determined in the shortest possible time and a course of medications is used, the pet will soon recover. In some cases, a lump on cat’s eye can indicate the presence of cancer. At that, the pet goes blind and there is a swelling under the eyes. Treatment of malignant tumors is performed by a veterinarian only.
  • Blepharitis. Sometimes growth on cat’s eye are caused by the inflammation of the eyelids – blepharitis. Such pathology is accompanied by painful sensations in addition to swelling of the eyelids. Eyelids become hot and tense when touching. Blinking provokes pain. That is why the pet often lies with its eyes closed.
  • Heart and kidney disease. If the cat has swollen eyelids, this in some cases indicates a dangerous disease of the internal organs. In this case, the excretory and cardiovascular system suffers. General uneasiness of a cat should alert its owner. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease is to be performed by the vet.

Photo of lump under Cat’s Eye

lump on cat's eye little lump under cat's eye growth lump on cat's eye big lump under cat's eye

How to Help your Pet?

A few simple security measures will save the health, and maybe even the life of a pet. It is important to adhere to the following rules after detecting a lump under the eye of a cat:

  1. Do not take any medical measures on your own. If you detect swelling under the eye, you should visit a veterinarian and follow the prescribed course of treatment;
  2. You can alleviate the suffering of the pet by putting a cold compress to the eye. Swelling in this case will decrease slightly. After that you should consult a specialist;
  3. Massaging and rubbing the eyes is prohibited! Such measures will only increase the suffering of the cat and will cause further development of pathology;

It is important not to harm our beloved cat trying to get rid of painful sensations. Conducting home treatments after consultation with a veterinarian will contribute to the quick recovery of you four-legged friend.

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