Lump on the Cat’s Stomach – How to Help your Pet?


The appearance of lumps in the form of bullation is a frequent thing for pets. Lump on cat’s  stomach may develop due to various reasons, many of which are not dangerous, but require timely treatment and attention from the owner.

Breast cancer

Lumps are located near the nipples.  There is often only one calcification but there can be also a number of them. The sizes are also different. In the later stages the tumor is large, and there are tumors in other parts of the body (metastases). Features of the tumor:

  • dense, hot to the touch;
  • rapid growth;
  • mobility;
  • redness to purple in the later stages, bleeding.

It is hard to reveal the disease timely because there are no changes in behavior, appetite of the animal. Treatment in the first stages is encouraging, it includes removing the tumor, sometimes radiation, chemotherapy. In the later stages, the pet is put down.


Fatty lumps in cat’s belly is a fatty tumor, located under the skin. Lipoma is a benign neoplasm that does not pose a danger to the health of the pet. In addition to softness, the fatty tumor has a round shape, large size, grows rapidly, it is mobile. Additional symptoms: anxiety, itching, discomfort when large size of tumor. The main thing is to differentiate lipomas from malignant tumors. If lipoma is confirmed, the removal is performed surgically. With small sizes, regular monitoring is recommended, without surgery.

Skin disease

Among the most common skin pathologies are:

  1. blotches – inflammation of the hair follicles. The lump is small, painful, with pus, which eventually breaks out;
  2. carbuncle – a lump, covered with numerous vesicles with pus;
  3. abscess is a cavity filled with purulent liquid. The reason is getting microbes into the wound. Characteristic features are fever, severe pain of the affected area;

These skin tumors are benign. Their treatment consists in the use of medicines: antibiotics, creams and ointments for external use. If the skin tumor is malignant, it forms a solid lump on cat’s stomach under the skin. It is usually ulcerated, has a bumpy surface, growing rapidly. Sometimes skin necrosis develops. The prognosis depends on the stage, tumors are to be removed.

Photo of lumps on the stomach of a cat

lump on the cat’s stomach near niples lump on the stomach in cats lump with blood on the cat’s stomach lump with pus on the cat’s stomach solid lump on the cat’s stomach


Lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph node. When a lump appears on the abdomen, the inguinal lymph node is affected. Signs: an oblong form, static, the local temperature increase. For the treatment the vet prescribes antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin complexes, minerals to strengthen the immune system.

Inguinal hernia

A hernia in the groin area is located under the skin. Sizes may be from very small to five centimeters. The lump is usually statical, but can sometimes move on short distances. Tumors behave differently. They can be painful or bring no discomfort to the animal. The lump can be hot or with normal temperature, soft or hard. Veterinarian will inspect, examine by touch and prescribe treatment. Surgical excision is used more often. At small sizes of hernias massage, bandages are enough.


Mastitis or inflammation of the breast develops in females. The main reasons are early kittens offtake, which leads to stagnation of milk. This provokes inflammatory processes that are manifested by the tenderness of the mammary glands, fever, decreased appetite, sleep disorders, exhaustion. Other causes include nipple damage, false pregnancy, diseases of the reproductive system. Characteristic features of lumps when mastitis: redness, hardness, local temperature increase, location near the nipples, increase in size when squeezing. In some cases, milk is excreted together with pus or agalactia (lack of milk). To treat mastitis drugs that reduce inflammation, antibiotics, compresses are prescribed. In severe cases, radical intervention is carried out.

Complication after sterilization

The lump appears due to wrong suturing, rapid resorption of threads, mechanical damage. There is a danger for infection through the formed hole, so if it is detected, an urgent appeal to the vet is necessary.

A lump on the stomach of the cat appears for various reasons, such as after the injection. The most dangerous are cancer tumors, the treatment of which depends on the timeliness of detection. In any case, the tumor requires diagnosis and therapy, as it easily turns into severe forms with complications.

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