Is a Lump on a Cat’s Nipple a Symptom?


Illnesses in cats differ from human diseases and their symptoms and signs as well as its nature. The owner can identify many signs of a disorder, therefore it is important to be attentive to the animal’s condition, take note of changes in behavior, appearance, and eating habits. A lump near the nipple in a cat is a common symptom that may indicate a benign or malignant tumor, as well as other serious diseases.

Diseases Accompanied by Swelling of the Mammary Glands

A cat has four pairs of nipples on its belly. The two lower pairs are the most prone to developing a pathology, Usually the problem may occur to one of the nipples, much less often several nipples, being manifested by increased size or appearance of lumps in the area. This symptom may indicate the following diseases:

  • Breast tumor. A lump on the cat’s body is often a symptom of a tumor. Enlarged nipple can speak of the malignancy as well as benign progression. The most dangerous condition is characterized by the deterioration of the coat, change of size in other mammary glands and discharge of liquid with heavy odor from the nipples.
  • Mastitis. In most cases, the disease develops in a cat in the postpartum period but sometimes it also happens in a pregnant animal. The main reason why a nursing cat has hard mammary glands is milk stagnation. The nipple becomes dense and hot. It may also be covered with cracks. The pet tries to avoid touching the abdomen area, often licking the sore nipple. When you press on the nipple, there is a discharge of a liquid of curdy consistency.
  • Mastopathy. This condition often indicates cancer. The main symptom is an increase in the mammary glands for no apparent reason. The initial stage of the disease is easy to overlook, as it brings the animal little discomfort and there are no changes in its usual behavior. Manifestation of even small lumps on the cat’s nipples should be treated seriously as the life of an animal depends on it.


These are the reasons that can lead to tumors in cats:

  1. The negative impact of superpoison on the animal’s body;
  2. Unbalanced or unhealthy nutrition;
  3. Inherited predisposition.
Often the reason why the cat has swollen mammary glands in postpartum, lies in inherited predisposition. This condition does not necessarily affect the pet’s health, and eventually goes away without special treatment.

Early ablactation is another possible reason for swollen mammary glands in cats in postpartum. If there is no inflammatory process, the condition does not require treatment. In this case, however, it may recommendable to express milk on your own or  with the assistance of a veterinarian. You can also take to soaking therapy by use of decoction of the bark of oak or chamomile room taken at temperature.

It is important to determine the exact cause for the lump appearance near the nipples of a cat to choose an effective method of treatment. As it often happens, the problem may be the development of a malignant tumor and canceration. Such conditions are should not be treated  without the help of a qualified specialist.

Photo of Lump on a Cat’s Nipple

lump on cat’s nipple pain lump on cat’s nipple with pain lump on cat’s nipple with pus purulent lump on cat’s nipple red lump on cat’s nipple

Stages of Tumor Development

The development of any tumor can be divided into these successive stages:

  1. The tumor is still very small, not more than 10 mm, no metastases can be identified;
  2. The tumor grows to 30 mm, still no secondary foci;
  3. The growth is over 50 mm in size, ulcers often appear on the cat’s body and metastasis can be detected on the lymph nodes;
  4. Secondary foci can be detected in the liver and other organs of the animal.

Beginning the timely treatment on the early stages, you can prevent the worst scenario.

Treatment Methods

If mastitis is the case, the veterinarian may prescribe compresses. In more urgent situations, the cat may need a comprehensive treatment, which includes antibiotics, as well as a mandatory vitamin course to improve the present condition and strengthen the immune system. With mastopathy, the doctor usually performs a biopsy. The results may lead to:

  1. Conservative therapy, which is carried out in when there is but a small chance of a malignant tumor.
  2. Operational treatment is a surgical procedure in which the nipple and breast are permanently removed.

If a tumor is detected in the early stages, the veterinarian may insist on removing the mammary glands. If the surgery is not possible, chemotherapy may be prescribed for the cat.

Preventive Treatment

The main reason for the manifestation of growths near cat’s nipples is hormonal disruption, therefore it is recommended to sterilize your pet before the first menstruation. Lumps left untreated can lead to unrecoverable situations. Be sure to visit the veterinary as soon as possible and do not touch the sore area without absolute necessity.

Always keep it in mind that timely diagnosis and precise treatment can help save the life of a pet and normalize its condition.

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