The Appearance of Lump Near Cat’s Nipple – What Can Cause Simptom?


During the pets’ lives a variety of diseases often occur. The difference between humans’ and cats’ diseases lays in symptoms and the progression. Many of the symptoms could be identified by the owner himself/herself, so it is important to be attentive to the animal, to monitor changes in behavior, appearance, food preferences. Lump near cat’s nipple is a common symptom that may indicate the presence of benign or malignant tumors, as well as other serious diseases. In the article we will consider the causes of this problem and the ways to normalize the state of the pet.

Diseases Accompanied by Swelling of the Mammary Glands

There are four pairs of nipples on a cat’s stomach where lump can appear. Pathology is most often found in the two lower pairs when one, less often a few nipples increase in size or near them there are lumps. This symptom may indicate the presence of the following diseases:

  1. Breast tumor. The lump is often a symptom of a tumor. The increase in the size of the nipple may vary in each animal – this sign does not determine whether the neoplasm is malignant or benign. The most dangerous stage is characterized by the fading of the wool, the increase in other mammary glands and discharge of a liquid that has a specific smell from the nipples.
  2. Mastitis. In most cases, the disease develops in cats after the birth of kittens, much less hardening observed in pregnant animals. The main reason, why nursing cats have hard dairy tumors is stagnation of milk. In this case, the nipple becomes more dense and hot, covered with a grid of cracks. The pet will try to avoid touching the abdomen, often licking the inflamed nipple. When pushing it a discharge will appear with consistency similar to cottage cheese.
  3. Mastopathy. Most often, this condition indicates the presence of cancer. The main symptom is an increase in the mammary glands without visible causes and pregnancy. The initial stage of the disease is easy to miss, because the animal does not change the usual behavior.

If a cat has lump near nipple you should take is seriously as the animal’s life depends on you.

Causes of Seals

It is possible to identify the main causes that lead to the appearance of lumps:

  • Negative impact of excessive environmental pollution on the animal organism;
  • Unbalanced nutrition, the presence of poor-quality feed in the diet;
  • Hereditary predisposition to the development of pathologies;

Often the reason why a cat has swollen mammary glands after the birth of kittens is early weaning of offspring from the mother. Most often, such a state does not have a negative impact on the pet’s body, and eventually passes by itself. In this case, it is recommended to decant milk both independently and with the help of a veterinarian. You can also make lotions at room temperature from decoction of oak bark or chamomile.

Stages of Tumor Development

The development of any tumor can be divided into several successive stages:

  1. The tumor is very small, no more than 10 mm, no metastases are detected;
  2. The tumor grows up to 30 mm, also without the appearance of secondary foci;
  3. The growth of more than 50 mm, there is the appearance of ulcers and the possibility of metastases in the lymph nodes;
  4. Detection of secondary foci in the liver and other organs of the animal;

You can prevent complications and fully normalize the condition of the animal by starting the treatment in the early stages.

Photo of Cats with lumps near Nipples

wet big lump near cats nipple smooth lump near cats nipple lump with pus near cats nipple lump growth near cats nipple big lump near cats nipple

Way of Treatment

In case of mastitis, the veterinarian, depending on the severity of the disease, may prescribe compresses, which the owner will make at home following the instructions. In more advanced cases, you will need a comprehensive treatment, which includes antibiotics, as well as a mandatory course of vitamin needed to improve health and strengthen immunity. When mastopathy the vet carries out biopsy, by the results of which he/she may prescribe:

  • Conservative therapy is carried out in the case of a small chance of a malignant tumor. This includes the stabilization of the hormonal background by taking an individually selected vitamin complex.
  • Surgical treatment – surgery, including removal of the nipple and breast. After that, these tissues are redirected to a more detailed study.

In case of detection of a tumor in the early stages of development, the veterinarian performs an operation to remove the mammary glands. If there are reasons why surgery is not possible, the cat is assigned to chemotherapy. In order to select an effective method of treatment it is important to determine the cause why the cat has lump near nipple accurately. Quite often the problem lies in the development of malignant tumors and the appearance of cancer. You should not try to treat such diseases yourself without the help of a qualified specialist.


The main reason for the appearance of a lump on cat’s nipple is the presence of hormonal disorders, so experts recommend sterilization of the pet before the first oestrus. Ignoring the lumps may lead to irreversible consequences. If the tumor has burst, you need to take the cat to the vet and in any case not to touch the place of developing the disease. It is important to remember – timely diagnosis and necessary treatment will help to save the life of a pet and normalize its condition.


  1. Mateo Moreno says:

    I found a lump on my cat’s lower left of her stomach. It’s near her breast and near a fully healed surgery incision from a month or so ago. She’s 11 years old and hasn’t shown any changes in her behavior.

    The lump isn’t hard, it’s squishy and it’s the only one we could find. Whenever my mom and I touch the bump to examine it she doesn’t mind at all.

    She’s been having hormonal issues for the past year but we can’t pinpoint what it is or why it’s happening. She showed signs of heat often despite being fixed, we scheduled a surgery last month and the vets found nothing wrong with her when they opened her up.

    She recently picked up fleas which we assume was from the vet or they might’ve just snuck in the house due to the cold weather, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it but I’m adding it just in case. We’re treating her for it at the moment.

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