A Growth on Cat’s Gum – Is a Reason to Sound the Alarm?


Even if a pet seems to be completely heathy, there is always a risk of growth on cat’s gum, which cause discomfort during meals. Usually, the problem is discovered only when chewing issues appear and the owner decides to examine the cat’s mouth. If the gum is swollen because of injury, there is a chance that it will cure itself eventually. But in other cases, cat should be taken to the specialist, who would make a diagnosis and assign a right treatment.

List of Potential Causes

The major part of cases connected with growth on gum require dentist examination regardless of pet’s age. The fact is that even eosinophilic granulomas may look like red bumps over the whole gum. Adult animals should be examined to rule out a risk of malignant tumors development. They may hide behind seemingly harmless flesh-colored knots, which does not bother their owner for a long time. Also, there are other causes one should remember:

  1. Abscess. Unfortunately, this kind of gum issues occurs widely in animals of any age. The most common triggers are a foreign body, deep caries and root decay. Harmless at first, growth on cat’s gum may become as large as a hazelnut. Abscesses are filled with pus and lymphatic fluid. If it bursts, it is necessary to take care of the wound to prevent infection. The best way is to cleanse it with chlorhexidine 3 or 4 times a day. In case of swelling, severe pain or specific localization, the doctor has to break an abscess by scarifying it with a scalpel. It is necessary to drain the bump and disinfect the wound. When the situation is difficult, antibiotics may be used. Healing lasts for 5-10 days. During this period, it is best to feed cat with wet food. Dry food should be added little by little after a full recovery.
  2. Eosinophilic granulomas. We will not describe all places where they may appear, because we are interested only in oral mucosa. A small red growth on cat’s gum may turn out to be eosinophilic granulomas, which is able to pass to the palate and inner cheeks. A treatment is assigned individually and depends on associated symptoms. If pet has a painful mouth and cannot eat, hormone therapy may be used but only after results of a histological test. In other cases, it is better to wait, because there are chances that the bump will cure itself, especially if the animal is young. It is also useful to take away plastic items like toys and bowls or choose a new pet food.
  3. Foreign body. Bone, shard of plastic toy or wood sliver can stick in cat’s gum and trigger growth formation. In some cases, it is not painful but more often it leads to abscess development. It is rare when the owners manage to discover the problem quickly as cats usually do not like their mouth to be checked. That is why veterinarians advise to train pet to tolerate regular mouth examination. It will help the owner to easily check cat’s oral cavity when they suspect some problems with its teeth or gums. It is possible to remove the splinter at home only if there is something to seize like a long bone. But more often the owner should show their pet to veterinarian, because he or she can not only take out the foreign body but also perform professional oral hygiene and cleanse the wound. It will decrease a risk of inflammatory process.
  4. Neoplasms. Young animals may have cysts, and adult pet are more likely to have a malignant tumor. Red, white or black growth on cat’s gum at the age 10 and older should put the owner on their guard, because there is a high risk of oncology. To make a precise diagnosis histopathology is done. If it shows a malignant disease, or sarcoma, it is necessary to do some additional tests like skull and lymph node X-ray (to find out if there are metastases) and heart ultrasound. Only then a treatment is assigned (tumor removal surgery or chemotherapy).

Pics Growth on Cat’s Gum

Veterinarians recommend to not ignore the formation of any growths on cat’s gum, because each of them may be fraught with danger. Early detection and treatment can help prolong life and improve its quality.

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