What Does a Dry Nose in Kittens Mean?


For most of us, cats are rightful family members. We are in a real twit whenever pets look unhealthy, lose appetite, become flaccid. As it often happens, cat owners look for signs of an illness to the nose of the animal. In this article, we will talk about dry nose in kittens, causes and consequences of the condition.

A Healthy Nose of a Healthy Pet

First of all, a healthy nose is a wet and cool one and possibly a little slick. In fact, since cats are predators, their nose is their main instrument that navigates them on the hunt. A wet nose helps to determine where the wind is blowing, which is essential as cats try to get as close to the prey as possible without the poor victim catching even a sniff of the feline on a hunt. That is why a wet spout is so important.

When trying to determine the health of a pet, always take into account the type of activity of the particular kitten  has been involved into. When it has just woken up or played active games, it may have a dry nose. This is due to the fact that pets have a higher body temperature than their owners, and therefore moisture evaporates more intensively. The physiological causes of dryness are:

  • dry nose in cat causessleep;
  • awakening;
  • active games;
  • dry air in the room;
  • stress;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

When Do You Need to Contact a Vet?

If the following symptoms are observed in a kitten, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian to eliminate possibility pf pet’s discomfort:

  • malaise, lethargy, apathy;
  • cat’s nose is dry and crusty as well as hot;
  • too cold and uncharacteristically pale nose;
  • discoloration of the organ (bluish, yellowish, reddened, white).

The owner should be aware that paleness and too low body temperature in a kitten is a sign of:

  1. in cat dry nosechronic disease;
  2. hypothermia;
  3. stress;
  4. dangerously low body temperature;
  5. intoxication;
  6. complete lack of appetite.

A white and warm nose is a sign of disruption in the kitten’s blood system. The blue and hot body tells of a:

  • heart failure;
  • inflammation of the respiratory organs;
  • oxygen starvation.

When a kitten has a hot and reddened nose, it is a symptom of:

  1. infectious disease;
  2. rhinitis;
  3. mechanical damage.

If kitten has dry and hot crusty nose as well as warm ears, it is not always necessarily a sign of illness, since cubs do not yet have an established heat exchange system, and their body temperature is a bit higher than that of an adult pet. This may be due to the work of the body and act as a protection against hypothermia.

When You Should Be Alarmed?

In addition to the signs listed above, the kitten may develop other symptoms that indicate the onset of a disease. These include:

With these symptoms, you should consult a specialist as soon as may be, since only the vet will be able to diagnose the condition and prescribe adequate treatment.

A dry nose in a kitten is often an indicator of intestinal problems, namely the presence of wool in the gastrointestinal tract. This will not be the only indicator of this problem though.

First Aid Treatment

The first thing the owner needs to do upon finding his or her pet with a dry nose is to observe its general condition. Maybe the body temperature has increased. Hot ears will be a sure sign if this be the matter. It may also be useful to keep taking the animal’s temperature several times a day, which should be performed rectally. Up to 37-38 degrees are considered normal, if it has risen above 38.5, then you need to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. When the kitten’s temperature is too high, by way of a first aid treatment you can ease the dangerous condition with these simple manipulations:

  1. from time to time keep wetting the kitten’s coat with cool water;
  2. put an ice bag under the neck or on the inside of the thigh of a pet;
  3. provide access to clean and fresh water.

Only the veterinarian can determine why the temperature has increased in the first place, and only he can decide on the safest choice of antipyretic drugs.

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