Discharge from Cat’s Eye – How to Get Rid from Strange Symptom?


Cats naturally have keen eyesight. It is an important for hunting and orientation even in complete darkness. Loss of vision causes a deep psychological trauma. It is very important to monitor the condition of the pet’s eyes in order to prevent the development of any diseases in time. There are many factors why a cat has eye disease. An owner’s awareness about the causes, symptoms and ways of treatment will preserve the animal’s health.

Possible Causes

Normal cat’s eyes are clear and wide open. Whites are pure white, mucous membranes are moist and there is no swelling or redness of eyelids. The following symptoms do not pose a threat:

  • brown discharge from cat's eyeDry crusts at the corners of the eyes. Certain amount of mucus accumulated during sleep dries up and forms a discharge, which is common mainly for the breeds with a flat shape of the head and nose. The problem is solved by daily hygiene with napkins and special lotions. Usually the cats get rid of the crusts themselves by “washing up” in the morning.
  • Transparent discharge from cat’s eye associated with increased allergic background: smoke, fumes or dust. The eyes will stop dripping with the disappearance of the source of irritation. Transparent mucus in a small volume, which does not have an unpleasant smell and does not linger for a long time, is not a pathology.

Turbidity, strabismus, unpleasant discharge, lacrimation and hemorrhage are deemed to be deviation from the norm. If there is at least one of these signs, it indicates the presence of an ophthalmic disease in the cat.

Eye Pathology

The presence of exudate (secreted mucus) in the eyes of the animal is accompanied by a number of side effects, which may indicate that the cat is sick:

  1. discharge from kitten eyeburning, itching;
  2. redness;
  3. lacrimation;
  4. blepharospasm;
  5. photophobia.

The behavior of a cat will also tell the owner a lot about its health: when a pet squints and rubs its eyes with its paw, dripping continues within a few hours, a cat seems depressed, refuses to eat and drink. Brown discharge from cat’s eye, pus and other symptoms also indicate pathology.

Causes of eye discharge Symptoms Provoking factors What to do
Injury a cat has watery eyes, swollen eyelids, it narrows the eyes, hides from the light, blinks often a foreign object, head injuries and other mechanical damage Remove the foreign object, drip Sofradex under the eyelid, then you can put Hydrocortisone ointment. Serious injuries require more complicated study (ultrasound, tomogram), and sometimes surgery
Allergy tearing, redness, frequent blinking, involuntary closing of the eyelids dust, chemicals, parasitic infestation, tobacco smoke, medicines Medical advice is required. Watery discharge from cat’s eye will be taken for analysis in order to determine which allergen is present
Burns watery mucus is discharged, there is swelling, hemorrhage, blepharospasm solar, chemical, thermal burns Wash the eye under running water for 15 minutes (use an enema), drip a solution of sulfacil-sodium and lay tetracycline ointment under the eyelid
Bacterial conjunctivitis a cat hides its eyes from the light, often blinks. There is swelling, redness, purulent discharge, corneal opacities Bacterial infections Treatment is prescribed on the basis of laboratory analysis of exudate
Keratitis redness, blepharospasm, edema, green discharge from cat’s eye Injury, bacterial, viral, fungal infection First it is necessary to clarify the causes, treatment is appointed after the examination
Viral infections redness, swelling, involuntary closure of the eyelids, mucus and pus Calicivirus, Mycoplasma, rhinotracheitis and other infections Treatment by a veterinarian consists of complex of measures on suppression of the infection that caused mucus
Violation of patency of lacrimal canals lacrimation, brown and bloody discharge, frequent blinking Foreign objects, anatomical features of the eye structure, tumors Ophthalmologist examination and appointment of treatment
Feeding disorders Lacrimation, dark discharge Irregular metabolism because of improper feeding Change of diet, selection of food according to the breed, age and physiological needs of the animal

First Aid

It is not so easy to understand why the cat’s eyes are dripping, what caused it and how to treat it. The best way to help a pet is to visit a vet. But in cases where it is impossible to do immediately, you can alleviate the condition of the cat at home.

Wash the cat’s eyes with non-alcohol antiseptic solution (furatsilin, Miramistin) or decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, oak bark). It is important not only to wash the eyes, but also to treat the surface around them, including eyelids and hair.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the pet: if the symptoms do not stop, expert advice is required. Otherwise, the cat may lose sight.

Prevention of Eye Diseases

Daily inspection and hygiene will help to maintain the health of the pet. Washing the eye area with a special lotion will reduce the risk of infection. It is also important to undertake regular examinations at the vet. Preventive measures include any steps aimed at maintenance of the pet’s health at the proper level. The main secret lies in a strong immune system. It is the body’s defense that does not allow diseases to develop. The following actions would increase the body resistance:

  • green discharge from cat's eyeroutine vaccinations;
  • antiparasitic treatment;
  • active lifestyle of the pet;
  • proper nutrition;
  • preventing the risk of other diseases.

Pets are completely dependent on humans. Maintaining the health of the cat is the main responsibility of the owner.

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