What Should Be Undertaken When Feline Anal Sac Disease Is Suspected


liquid from cat’s anusJust like humans, felines often succumb to various diseases. Therefore, if a cat has an uncharacteristic discharge from its anus or any other similar suspicious symptoms, you should take it as a sign of a possible health disruption. It is imperious to take prompt and timely measures and take the four-legged patient to the specialists without hesitation. Only a doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the discharge, identify the disease and make recommendations for optimal treatment.

Causes of a Discharge from Cat’s Anus

Discharges in cats during diarrhea or constipation are quite normal and are quite common. They manifest in different ways, but can be quite easily identified anyway, therefore these conditions are not too dangerous. The owner may also notice a small amount of blood in them. This symptom also disappears completely with full recovery. Therefore, no need to worry. But if the discharge from the anus or a vaginal area of a cat has a purulent or slimy character and has a heavy odor, an infection may be rightly suspected.

Quite often this can be associated with problems in the genital system of felines. But there are other options that require careful observation, performance of special tests and smears. Be sure to visit a specialist as soon as possible, so as not to aggravate the situation and alleviate the suffering of the fluffy patient.

Sometimes the cause for a smelly discharge from the cat’s anus is inflammation of the anal glands. Not long ago, most specialists were inclined to believe that such problems are directly related to the abundant use of dry food in the diet of pets. However, it turned out to be nothing but a myth. The discharge appears due to the unusual structure of the intestine itself.

Treatment Measures

It seems that most pet owners do not want to resort to the services of veterinary clinics. Of course, if the owner is absolutely confident in his or her abilities and is fully aware of the cause, an independent treatment is possible. However, it is wiser to listen to the opinion of doctors, and not to put the animal at risk.

No matter what the causes for the anal discharge in cats are, you should take your pet to the doctor as soon as may be.

Sometimes the task of finding an adequate cure for such discharge is not a simple one. If there is liquid coming from the cat’s anus and this condition lasts several days in a row, take the pet for the checkup which should be performed with thoroughly washed and sanitized hands. First, you need to squeeze the area adjacent to the sphincter of the smelly discharge from cat’s anusanimal with two fingers. If at the same time there is a selection of thick and smelly secretion, certain disorders in the animal’s body are taking place.

To avoid aggravation of the already bad situation, a whole range of measures should be taken. Initially, be sure to get equipped with special medical gloves. Having smeared a finger with petroleum jelly, induct a finger into the focus of the discharge. By making these manipulations according to the instructions, you may achieve considerable improvement in the pet’s condition in 2-3 days. However, it is impossible to perform this procedure without having special skills and a full understanding of the process. The wisest thing is to trust the animal it to the capable hands of the professionals in a veterinary clinic.

When the disease is determined, doctors can prescribe a complex treatment. Both procedures and medications are helpful in this case. If the cat has blood-streaked discharge from its anus, this may require a surgical intervention. However, this is an extreme measure, which is carried out quite rarely. After improving the condition of the cat, you should consult your doctor about the prevention of such secretions in future. Simple steps will help to avoid relapses and improve the condition of the cat in general. Only acting in compliance with the doctor’s prescriptions you can prevent the worsening of chronic diseases and the recurrence of inflammatory processes. Such prescriptions may white discharge from cat’s anusrefer to:

  • items of care;
  • nutrition;
  • routine examinations of the animal.

When your precious pet is sick it is always a reason to fret. Especially when a kitten has white discharge from its anus. Timely measures will promptly alleviate the cat’s condition, as well as prevent worsening of the condition into a truly hazardous one.

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