Cat’s Tongue Sticks Out – Is It Normal or Patologie?


Pets often imitate the owners in their behavior peculiarities. This is what makes the pet a true family member and a dear companion in life. But we must not forget that cats are predatory animals by nature and they do not live according to human morals. If a cat keeps its tongue out, it may be a signal of a serious illness. Before dismissing the sign as funny human like behavior in the animal, try to investigate the physiology behind it.

Harmless Symptoms

Therearecaseswhenthepet’sbehaviorisnotassociatedwithanydisease. A cat maybe sticking its tongue out for various reasons:

  1. cat keeps tongue outSometimes the cat forgets to put its tongue back into the mouth after it washes itself, and leaves it sticking out for a few seconds. In such moments, the animal freezes, as deep in thought. Cats can also stick their tongues out after eating or drinking for the same reason.
  2. If the pet is in a relaxed state, the tongue can reflexively show itself a bit. This can happen in the faze of deep sleep, when the whole body is relaxed and uncontrolled.
  3. When stressed, a cat can keep its tongue out to ease the frequency of respiratory processes.
  4. Cats often stick out the tip of the tongue for cooling. They, like dogs, often resort to this method in hot weather. In this case, the animal requires attention and should be moved to a room with a fan or a conditioner.
  5. Abnormal bite in cats can often cause a protruding tongue. If the teeth are so positioned that the jaw cannot fully close, such behavior will be peculiar to the cat all its life.
  6. At the initial stage of labor, you can see that the tip of the cat’s tongue sticks out. It is necessary to even the breathing and to reduce pain.

In all these cases, the animal sticks out its tongue for a comparatively short period of time, and it is a rare occurrence.

Physiological Symptoms

Most animals are able to survive on their own. But sometimes when people strive to create a unique breed undertake cat’s tongue sticks out causesgenetic mixing. In this case they do not often think about how the animal will live with the resulting combination of characteristics, they do not take into account adaptive capabilities and nutritional needs. In the process of different species crossing, not only ideal new breeds can be obtained, but weak kittens are likely to be born with many deviations and diseases.

For example, Persian cats are most often born with the wrong bite, therefore their flat muzzle. They always have a tongue that does not fit in the mouth.

Thai cats forget to stick their tongues back after washing, especially if something distracts them in the process. Despite the fact that this breed is considered to be predatory and wild, they easily relax when patted or in sleep. Unusual behavior characterizes a high degree of trust. The protruding tongue of a cat of such a breed means that it is calm and completely confident in its safety.

Few people know, but this weirdness in their pets helps them to intercept smells better. People have almost completely lost this skill, which is not the case with cats. A protruding tongue can also mean a weak sense of smell, which has worsened from allergies, burns, or the effects of another pathological disease:

  • cat’s tongue sticks out after eatingoral inflammations;
  • swollen and reddened gums;
  • respiratory illness;
  • injury to the skull or jaw;
  • muscle work disorders;
  • after anesthesia (the effect passes within a few hours).

Red Flag Signs

We must not forget that such behavior in a cat can mean diseases of the organs of the respiratory system, oral cavity or other parts of the body. Only a veterinarian can accurately determine the cause of this behavior.

A cat has a tongue sticking out in case of a sinusitis, rhinitis, or pneumonia. Such diseases can be hazardous not only for humans, but also for animals. Fluids flowing from the pet’s nose, heavy panting and protruding tongue are prominent signs of a disease. It is impossible to determine precise treatment on your own, therefore, be sure to consult a specialist.

When a heart failure occurs, there is a significant lack of air in the organism, which is also a life threatening condition. If the cat is lethargic and lies with its tongue hanging out, panting or breathing with obvious difficulty, you should go to the doctor as soon as may be. Even small deviations in the proper functioning of the heart will affect breathing, because these two systems are closely related.

Be always attentive to the following symptoms in your pet and be sure to take it to the veterinarian as soon as may be upon witnessing any of the:

  1. the animal is panting;
  2. it shows signs of sudden aggression;
  3. it has reduced appetite or cannot eat at all;
  4. there are swollen mucous membranes.

You should visit the Vet if you see something strange in cat’s behavior. It may save your pet’s life.

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