What to Do when a Cat Refuses to Eat?


Every animal has a need for food and water. If your pet refuses from eating, it’s a reason to be worried. However, it doesn’t always mean that you need to seek for help from a vet.

Pets often have the same reasons to refuse from food as people. Here are basic reasons:

  • cat do no eatYour cat can have worms or other parasites. If a cat doesn’t eat but remains very active, runs all over the house and throws up, it can have this problem. Sometimes they can defecate not in the cat’s litter box, but in other unusual places. In this case you need to go to a vet. Prescription pills and medicine will solve this problem fast. Appetite will return as cat’s organism will begin to lose much energy to get rid of the parasites.
  • Changing of the residence, rearrangement in the house. You should know that our pets are extremely sensitive. Changing of the residence will be a real disaster for them that can provoke the refusal from food. The same situation can happen if a pet owner will change the place of the bowl. It is an item that must be in the place your cat accustomed to. Besides, it is better not to locate the bowl in the sunny or too wet place. Cats prefer privacy during eating.
  • Castration, oestrus, delivery. Castration is strong stress for all cats. Because of it some cats won’t eat for certain period. There are such cases when cats don’t eat before oestrus. Remember: you shouldn’t make them eat. When the hard period is over, pets will begin to eat hard. You just need to be sure that they don’t overeat.
  • Reaction to low-quality food. Don’t try to give your pets such spoiled food as soup, meat or fish that have got sour or have unpleasant odor. It won’t it that. Sometimes owners change pets’ ration and this is also one of the reasons to refuse from food. For example, if you give potatoes instead of usual dry food, be ready that a pet will refuse from it. It is difficult for pets to adapt to a fast changing of food. Sometimes a cat refuses to eat new food. In order to accustom a pet to a new ration, you should combine new food with that you use usually.
  • Cleaning materials. Cat’s bowl must be clean. To wash it and get rid of the bad smell, you shouldn’t use any cleaning materials with high concentration of chemical components. Cat’s bowl should be washed with using hot water only. Cat won’t eat food from dirty dishes because it is a noble creature.
  • cats refuses to eatInfectious diseases. To define what kind of disease your pet has it is necessary to take test in a vet. Such diseases are treated only with antibiotics.
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases. Lay your pet on his stomach and touch it. If a cat begins to meow, it means you have found the problem place. But be very careful.
  • Volvulus or foreign body in stomach. It can be diagnosed by a doctor with the help of the X-ray. You can solve this problem by doing the surgery. If a cat refuses from eating, don’t immediately sound the alarm. Firstly, follow closely cat’s behavior and your own attitude to a pet. Think about possible reasons that can cause refusal from food. It is not hard to help your pet if there are no serious diseases.

But if a cat refuses to eat dry food for a long time and looks bad, hurry for the consultation with a vet. It is better to attend the same specialist. Don’t try to treat a pet by yourself if you don’t know the exact reason of refusal from food. Just follow vet’s advice and be patient.

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