A Cat’s Claws Fall Out – Is It an Alarming Sign?


Before you decide to have a cat, you need to get acquainted with the rules of maintenance and care for the animal. One of the important care procedures is trimming of the claws. During the procedure owners may notice that the cat is losing claws, or that the claws exfoliate. Just like the wool and vibrissa (whiskers), claws of the pet tend to grow and update throughout its life. Owners should know, which cases of lamination are considered natural, and which go beyond the norms.

Causes of Lamination

In the natural environment, individuals sharpen their claws on various objects, such as trees, for example. At home, cats need a special scratching device. Otherwise they will begin to spoil the furniture and wallpaper. If the lamination process is natural, it is absolutely painless for the pet. But in some cases, this symptom may indicate the following deviations:

  1. cat is losing claws treatmentImproper cutting. If there is no natural reason why a cat is losing claws, you should first pay attention to the procedure of cutting. You should use special pet nail trimmer, but not ordinary shears. This trimmer should always be well sharpened to cut the claw in one go, not in a few taps that result in crushing. An important aspect is the sterility of the instrument, to avoid infection. Only the tip should be cut, so that there is still a distance to the pink part of the claw. Improper trimming leads to discomfort, pain, stratification and loss. Special attention should be given to the fifth claw, which is located only on the front paws. Its location does not allow a good grind in a natural way, so it always grows more than other claws. In some cases it even hurts the skin. If you are not sure that you can perform proper nail trimming yourself, it is better to visit a veterinarian for help;
  2. Lack of vitamins and nutrients. Another common reason why a cat keeps losing claws is the lack of vitamins in the body. There should be enough calcium for the claws to be healthy. To avoid this problem, you should introduce products with this element in the diet of the pet regularly. Proper nutrition is necessary for the whole body. It is recommended to introduce special vitamin complexes, which are prescribed by a veterinarian;
  3. Fungal disease. The presence of fungi, actively growing on the paws of cats, lead to deformation, stratification and loss. In this case, there may be an inflammatory process. The pet required treatment with special medications.

If the owner is confident that the cat’s diet is fortified, nail trimming is conducted according to the rules, but the pet’s claws still fall out, it is necessary to go to the vet for examination. Perhaps the development of internal diseases rejects the claws.

Effective Medications for Cats

When you contact the veterinary clinic with the problem of claws loss, the doctor may prescribe special drugs:

  • cat's claws falling outIf a cat loses its claws, then her body needs strength to grow a new one. Vitamin complex VITA BON can help in this process. This drug will help in strengthening the immune system. Manufacturers offer a wide range of vitamin complexes. Before purchasing, you should specify the age of the pet, as some medications are prescribed only for adult cats which are already 7 years old. By the way, when an old cat is losing claws, it’s a natural thing.
  • “Agrovetzaschita” is a vitamin complexe of domestic production. It gained popularity among the cat owners. The drugs are presented in various forms of release, including injections and tablets. For best results, it is recommended to choose a medicine with a veterinarian.
  • “Radostin” is vitamin and mineral complex. Presented in the form of tablets. It is often prescribed for sterilized old cat is losing clawscats and neutered cats. It is a universal remedy for individuals up to 8 years of age. There is a separate medicine for small kittens.
  • “Beaphar Kitty’s Mix” is a drug presented in different flavors. It helps to strengthen the claws, teeth and fur. It also increases the efficiency of the body, strengthens the immune system. Improves visual function and heart muscle function.
  • “Doctor ZOO” is rich in various vitamins and minerals in the composition. This drug is very popular among fans of four-legged friends. The drug normalizes metabolic processes, improves skin, hair and claws. Saturates the pet’s body with useful substances, which have a healing effect in general.

To prevent negative consequences it is recommended to feed the cat properly and take care of it from the first day. To maintain general health, you should perform regular examinations at the vet and take vitamins each year.

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