What Should Master Do if a Cat Has Swollen Ear?


Cats are very active animals. They like to jump, climb on trees and hard to reach places. Sometimes they fight with each other and other animals. Sometimes these tricks lead to problems. Cats often injure themselves and get bruises, bites, etc. If a cat has swollen ear due to such an, it’s a reason to urgently see a doctor. The symptoms of the disease include:

  • cat's ears swellingshaking head. The cat scratches its ears with paws and shakes them. The animal keeps its head slightly tilted. In this case you should watch the cat to find out what ear aches;
  • the skin on the ear may be red, and even swelling;
  • the presence of smell from the ear may indicate the onset of inflammation;
  • rise in body temperature.

In case you notice similar symptoms do not delay the visit to the vet, since complications can lead to death of the animal.

Possible Causes of Ear Swelling

If a cat has swollen ear, you should remember that swelling can lead to full deafness, and sometimes even to death. The reasons that can cause ear swelling are as follows.

  1. Mites. They penetrate into the thin skin on the ear, causing inflammation;
  2. Otitis. It is an inflammatory process that can lead to a tumor in a cat’s ear;
  3. cat has swollen ear upHematomas. It’s a tumor that looks like swelling, but is filled with blood. The cat’s ears will look saggy and the hematoma site will be hot to touch. The cat becomes nervous and even aggressive. The animal constantly scratches swollen ears and shakes its head. Hematomas can lead to serious complications, in some cases to such a disease as cartilage necrosis;
  4. Abscess. Any injury may be accompanied by the penetration of a pathogenic infection into the wound. If a cat has swollen ear lobe due to the injury, it is likely that the interior is filled with pus and abscess may begin; Factors that provoke purulent abscess are reduced immunity in the animal, age and concomitant diseases. The consequences of an abscess can be serious, purulent mass can penetrate deep into the underlying tissue and cause serious harm to the body. The symptoms of abscess include: decreased appetite, lethargy of the animal; the cat constantly drinks water; swelling, redness, fever.
  5. Neoplasm. These include papilloma, sarcoma and fibroma. They are quite dangerous, as growing in the ear of a cat they clog the entrance to the ear, which can lead to deafness.


In case of any tumors that have appeared in the cat, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor. The clinic will cat's ears swelling up with dischargeconduct a survey, take the necessary tests, the results of which will offer treatment options.

If the situation is not critical, it will be offered to treat the animal with antibiotics, to wash the swollen ear with disinfectants, etc. Do not be afraid when the cat has swollen ear flap. It’s probably just an ear infection, but you should always play attention to it and provide the cat with all possible help.

In case the tumor threatens the health and life of the pet, the vet offers surgery. If all goes well and the proper treatment is provided, the animal recovers during the year.


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    I can’t afford it either it’s an outside cat that we just adopted and I paid to have it fixed years ago but with the Covid and not working and now it’s errors very full I’ve been putting in a biotics on it and giving her liquid penicillin that I got from a nice doctor but I wish they would tell you how to I have a small syringe for my diabetes and it can’t fill the syringe go inside so I have been draining it and it seems to be helping if you stick the needle in and then slowly pull up it will drain into it you can get these wrenches for diabetes from Walmart or anywhere and then just keep putting antibacterial on it after you Or through and you can still find some very nice pharmacist at times that if you tell them it’s for your cat or your dog they will give you penicillin

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