Cat’s Claws Split – How to Help the Pet?


Many people who have cats do not know how to take proper care of their pets. One of the most common problems, which they have to face, is when a cat has split nail. In order to eliminate the symptom or prevent its occurrence, it is recommended to identify the main causes that provoke the problem and treat them in advance.

Factors Causing the Claws Chipping

One of the reasons for the why a cat has split claw is the natural formation of a new stratum corneum.  This often happens in animals which rarely walk in the street and therefore do not have the ability to grind off the claws on the asphalt or trees. The cat’s nails usually exfoliate every few months. The owners’ help to eliminate the keratinized layer is not required, as the pet will cope with the problem, removing unnecessary tissue with the teeth. Another cat's claws splitreason for the appearance of stratification on the claws is mistakes made by the owners when cutting keratinized tissues. Excessive or insufficient shortening threatens to increase a new layer, which after a while will begin to peel off. Improper cutting of keratinized tissues not only provokes disorders in the growth of claws, but also can cause serious injury.

Another reason why a cat’s claws split is a wrong diet. Lack of minerals and vitamins often leads to metabolic disorders in the body. This in its turn is completed by cracking the keratinized layer. Regular consumption of purchased food, the lack of natural products in the daily menu of the pet – these are the main causes of problems with cats’ claws.

Proper Claws Care – How to Avoid Problems?

If the cat’s nails are split after cutting, you should understand the features of the procedure in order to avoid this trouble in the future. The first thing to remember is that the use of conventional scissors is prohibited. You should buy special tweezers designed to shorten the keratinized layer for such manipulations. How to cut the claws:

  1. cat has split clawWash your hands.
  2. Make sure the tweezers are sharp, sharpen a little if necessary.
  3. Disinfect the instrument.
  4. Remove only the tip of the claw, leave a considerable distance to the pink tissue.

Particular attention is paid to the fifth finger, as the nail on it is much shorter than on the others, so it is easy to injure the animal’s paw. You should cut the claws regularly because the keratinized tissue is almost not worn off, you have to use tweezers. If you do not cut the cat’s claws, this provokes an ingrown nail that it very painful for the cat.

You can also treat the tips of the slices with a disinfectant. Repeat the procedure regularly, but not too often. You need to cut off only the dead skin layer. If it is difficult for you to cope with the animal yourself, you should go to veterinary clinic. Experts will show you how to carry out the procedure.

Proper Nutrition – What to Include Into the Diet of a Pet?

If the cat’s claws split you should review the pet’s daily menu. Do not believe the beautiful ads, as even the most balanced food will not replace meat, vegetables, fish and dairy products. The diet of a pet should consist of such products as:

  • cat has split nailmeat;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • fish (fresh river fish is not recommended, it is better to boil it, otherwise there is a risk of infection of the animal with worms);
  • porridges;
  • soups;
  • dairy products (do not give milk in its pure form, it may provoke diarrhea).

It is useful to introduce vitamin complexes into the diet, especially if the owners prefer to feed their pet with store-bought food. Veterinarian can tell you about what vitamins are responsible for the good condition of the nail plates.

Be sure to include cod liver into the diet of the cat. This product contains substances necessary for good growth of nail tissue. Do not boil it, useful elements disappear when cooking.

Regular nail cutting, proper diet and frequent walks, allowing the cat to grind off dead tissue will be enough to forget about the problem for a long time. If this does not happen and the nail plates continue to slit, you should stop your independent attempts to help the pet and go to the vet.

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