Cat Can’t Open Eye – Is It a Reason for Panic?


Eyes in cats often get injured at home. The animal can get injured on the street, in contact with relatives, or as a result of intense games with large objects. This is especially true for kittens, which often hurt themselves during their activity. Owners often notice that a cat can only open one eye, and begin to sound the alarm. This phenomenon does not always require medical treatment, but in some cases, the animal should rather be taken to a veterinarian in order to avoid dangerous complications.

Eye Injury

Most often, a cat can’t open one eye when a grain of sand, speck, dust or any other foreign body gets into it. The movement of the eyelids and eyeball cause pain, so the animal prefers to keep the eye closed. A characteristic symptom of this phenomenon is abundant lacrimation from the closed eye. Over time, tears will wash the speck out of the eye, and the cat will cease to keep it closed. This usually happens a few hours later.

Another likely reason why a cat does not open the eye is the trauma when washing. If the animal has been rubbing the muzzle with its paws vigorously, it may accidentally damage the eye or wool may get under the lid. This causes discomfort, so the cat keeps the eye closed until the mucosa is restored, or tears do not wash the hair.

Cats often come into conflict with relatives. If the pet comes home for a walk a little dirty, wounded and the cat can’t open eye fully this means there has been a serious battle with competitor for his territory. In this case, it is kitty can't open eyerecommended to observe the behavior of the animal. If the cat feels well, despite the injuries, shows a normal appetite and normal behavior – there is no reason to worry. After a short time, the mucosa will recover and the cat will open his eye again.

You should sound the alarm in the event that wounds are visible around the eye and blood, mucus or pus is oozing from under the closed eyelid. Having noticed such symptoms, the cat should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid loss of vision. Sometimes conflicts with relatives lead to serious injuries, and the release of blood from the closed eye may indicate its severe damage. If a cat can’t open one eye, it is recommended to wait a few hours. In most cases, the cat will keep its eyelids closed due to a common household injury. If there are no discharges and there is only a slight lacrimation, there is no reason for panic. In case the cat keeps his eyes closed for longer than a day you should show the animal to the vet. You may need to remove a foreign body. To prevent infection of the damaged eye, the vet will prescribe antibacterial drops, a solution or a special gel.

Conjunctivitis in Cats

cat can't open one eyeAnother reason why a cat does not open the eye is conjunctivitis. The disease develops due to the ingress of dirt, fungal spores, parasites or pathogens under the eyelid. Usually when conjunctivitis eyes blush and get very watery, but with severe purulent inflammation, they can turn sour. This leads to the fact that the affected eye is difficult to open, so the cat keeps it closed.

With severe inflammation, edema may develop. Then the closed eye increases in size, which can be seen with the naked eye. While trying to unstick the eyelids an animal feels pain and tries to escape. In this case it is necessary to visit a veterinarian. The vet will prescribe drops and solutions for the treatment of the affected eye. Usually medications with antibiotic are applied. With timely treatment, conjunctivitis passes in a few days.

Problems with Eyes in Kittens

Often owners of small kittens face the problem of sour eyes, especially if the animal was taken from the street. The cat does not open eyedischarge does not necessarily indicate conjunctivitis or other pathology. Often, acidification is due to the fact that the kitten just does not know how to maintain personal hygiene. In this case, it is recommended to use special tools designed to care for the eyes of kittens. Such a solution is necessary to wipe the eyes several times a day, and after a few days the problem will be completely solved.

Conjunctivitis in young kittens taken from the street, may be a consequence of dust, and often develops on the background of the infestation. In this case, only a comprehensive treatment will help to get rid of the problem of acidification and inflammation of the mucosa.

In rare cases, the animal’s eyes do not open due to anomalies of the structure, or traumas received in childhood. This may be due to a fall, external impact, or other reasons. This problem occurs in kittens, but not adult animals. In congenital anomalies of the eyelid, medical treatment is ineffective, but the vat can perform surgery.

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