A Cat Broke Its Fang: How to Help the Animal?


Cats often have problems with their teeth. Some of them can be solved at home, but if a cat has broken fang tooth, most likely you will need the assistance of a veterinarian.

Causes & Symptoms

There are many reasons which contribute to the loss of fangs:

  • cat has broken caninecracks, damage to the root or crown will lead to such a loss;
  • inflammation in the oral cavity (red gum is the first sign of gingivitis, which can cause tooth loss);
  • a fall from height often leads to injury of fangs;
  • when fighting with another cat, the animal may injure the jaw, which will cause swollen face broken teeth.

Further treatment and care depends on how cat has broken fang tooth and in what condition the tooth is. Firstly, you should pay attention to the symptoms. Sometimes the broken fang does not bother the pet, in such cases it is difficult to notice the signs, but this does not mean that you can leave the problem without any attention. At later stages the animal has a headache, fever and swelling jaw. The first symptom that should alert the owner is a complete rejection of food and passive behavior, concomitant desire to hide in a deserted place. Additional complications that can occur if a cat has broken canine tooth are:

  1. cat has broken canine toothChange of the position of the canine and its color. The fang will unnaturally hang around the mouth of the animal.
  2. The swelling will spread all over the face.
  3. Poor appetite.
  4. Passive behavior, when even an active cat will stop playing and biting.

The jaws of the cat should be examined by a veterinarian. After the examination, an x-ray and a blood test will be done. If a cat has broken canine tooth at the root and the treatment does not help, the tooth is removed. The situation is simple in kittens, when a kitten has an age-appropriate change of teeth, which does not involve outside interference.


Treatment depends on the nature of the damage. Damaged dentin is treated with fluorine and sealant. If the canine is significantly damaged and there is no way to improve its state, the fang is removed.

In some cases the tooth is sealed. Special plates are used if the crack is small. If the crack appeared due to the jaw injury and there are abrasions and scratches in addition to problems with the teeth, then the jaw is treated first. The vet is able to restore the tooth to its original place if it has shifted. In this case, the main thing you could do is to contact the veterinary clinic immediately, because the inflammatory process can begin.

Cats adapt to life without fangs rather quickly. This does not affect their abilities and behavior. The animal will be able to chew food easily and the absence of fang will not bring discomfort.

Preventive measures

Removal of the tooth is only necessary in severe damage. The vet carries out the procedure which is not dangerous for the cat, using special equipment and painkillers. If the displacement is not critical, the tooth is left in place. Such cat has broken fangdeviation will not bring concern to the animal. If the behavior of a pet has changed, you should visit the vet. The tooth will be put in its original place. Do not try to carry out this procedure yourself, as you can injure the cat and provoke the development of an infectious disease and inflammation.

It is necessary to inspect the oral cavity regularly. Brushing the cat’s teeth will help to prevent the development of many diseases. Do not forget to clean the cat’s oral cavity 1 time per week. Also, the systematic intake of vitamins will strengthen the health of the body and the state of the teeth. Mix them with food and give the animal for a month once a year. After the tooth removal, it is important to continue care and inspection. Until the healing process is over, there is a risk of complications.

Sometimes the loss of teeth occurs due to improper diet. You should feed your pet with natural products. Due to improper diet there may be problems not only with the teeth, but also with the intestines.

If your cat has broken one of its fangs at an early age, you should not worry too much, as these teeth are temporal ones and will be soon replace by permanent teeth. In this case, the main thing is to make sure that the cat didn’t swallow it with food. When a kittens tooth staggers, watch the kitten carefully and do not try to pull out the tooth yourself. You will only aggravate the natural process.

It is important to inspect the mouth of a pet regularly. With such examinations you can prevent the development of serious diseases before they begin. If the pet often goes outside, you should pay attention to the abrasions and scratches on the face. They may be external signs of some serious inner injuries. It is better to seek help from a specialist to reduce pain and to get rid of the disease quickly.

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