Is It Dangerous if Black Rash Is Appeared on Cat’s Tail?


The cellular structure of a cat skin is not so different from the human one, so it is not surprising if the beloved cat may suffer from exactly the same skin problems as its owner. One of these common dermatological problems in humans and cats is considered to be acne, or so — called-blackheads.

Black rash on cat’s tail occur not so often, usually they can be seen at the base of the tail.

How Can Black Dots Occur?

This pathological process occurs due to metabolic disorders in the skin of the cat. There may be a violation of keratinization (proper formation of subcutaneous fat, keratin, giving the skin elasticity and strength) and disruption of the normal functioning of the subcutaneous glands.

Naturally, the dead layer of the epithelium should be exfoliated by crumbling of keratinized skin cells. In case of pathology, a completely different picture occurs: old cells are not removed, new ones are formed intensively at the same time. As a result, the old cells are mixed with the younger ones, creating rows of scales glued together with the black rash on cat's tail treatmenthelp of sebaceous secretion. The cells clog the pores of the skin in piles – so there is black rash on cat’s tail. To date, veterinarians identified 2 factors that affect the appearance of acne on the cat’s tail:

  1. Endogenous-the internal origin of the disease, based on hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders, poor functioning of the liver.
  2. Exogenous – based on the poor care of the cat.

Host Susceptibility

There is no special pattern regarding which cat breed is more likely to suffer from this disease. However, a number of modern vets suggest that in most cases, black rash on cat’s tail is more common in Sphinxes. This disease can appear in any cat. Breed and age in this case do not matter. Neutered cats often do not have black dots. But it is impossible to assure that the neutering can save your beloved pet from black dots. Formation of acne is also affected by hereditary factors.

Symptoms of the Disease

Black dots, or as they are commonly called comedones in Sphinxes are visible to the naked eye, while in fluffy black rash on cat's tail helpbreeds, they can be noticed only with careful examination. This disease has the following symptoms:

  • Formation of pustular nodule.
  • Hyperemia of the skin.
  • Formation of papules and pustules, in some protracted cases boils can be formed.


If you noticed that the cat has black stuff on his tail relatively recently, in this case, you should check whether they are traces of any parasites, for example, fleas. Bite of a parasite may look like a black dot with dried blood on top. Acne can occur on the tail of the animal during puberty. In this case, do not worry. Over time the problem will disappear by itself. Therapy in this case will be necessary only if the black dots will cause inconvenience. Black dots can only confuse the cat owner, especially if the animal is a Sphinx.


For therapy, the owner should try to provide the cat with sterile conditions. You should also try to avoid getting of harmful microorganisms to the place of black spots. All this can be achieved by carrying out common hygienic procedures:

  1. black rash on cat's tail causesWashing with shampoo, which is based on tar,
  2. Wiping the skin with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Before carrying out these procedures, the hair on the tail should be shaved, this does not apply to sphinxes. After the sanation the upper keratinized layer of the skin is dissolved using Salicylic acid. The next step will be the use of bactericidal drugs that contribute to the drying and healing effect (Ointment YAM, Zinerit). In severe advanced cases, a course of antibiotic therapy (Amoxiclav, Bicillin, Ampicillin and so on) is used.

Tails of cats can be processed with scrubs and lotions. This procedure is carried out in a veterinary clinic. All medical cosmetic products are manufactured in the laboratory.

In the treatment of black spots on the tail of the cat you should pay close attention to the nutrition of the animal. Very often bad food can cause metabolic disorders in the cat.

You should not squeeze black dots on the tail of a cat at home, because in case of wrong handling, the animal may get a skin infection instead of the expected recovery from acne.

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