How to Deal with Constant Constipation in Cat?


Constipation is common in cats (especially longhaired cats). It manifests itself in the form of a rare, difficult bowel movement or in the absence of it for a long time.

constipation in cats

There are several main reasons – wrong nutrition and some features of the cat’s body, and even a large amount of wool that the pet has recently licked. All above problems can be solved to one degree or another. But the very problem of constipation in cats is not only an unpleasant, but even a very dangerous factor. In particular, this phenomenon causes pain in the pet. If you do not address the problem in a timely manner, the consequences will not be the best or more – dangerous.

Owners, whose cats often suffer from constipation, give off the dullness of the pet’s coat, poor appetite and, as a result, significant weight loss. All this is very harmful to the animal’s health. Formations in the intestine do not leave the body and gradually begin to become the cause of intoxication. Waste substances, which, apart from harm, cannot do anything else, emit different compounds that are absorbed into the intestines and then spread throughout the body. A similar phenomenon has a detrimental effect on all internal organs.

But not every owner knows what to do if the cat has constipation. That is why a short guide of actions will completely protect your pet from such an unpleasant situation.

Signs and Symptoms of Constipation in a Cat

First of all, it is worth noting that the normal defecation for adult cats is once within 1-2 days. For kittens, this indicator may vary depending on age. If such a schedule is not followed, you should pay special attention to the pet. Constipation is often also characterized by vomiting.

constipation in kittens

In some especially dangerous cases, an increase in the body temperature of the animal is possible. If you touch the abdominal area, then it is slightly swollen and really “bulky”, which will be evidence of poor permeability of waste substances through the intestines.

Lethargy prevents the cat from being active. As well as the pain experienced by the cat. That is why, if a plain is suddenly began to behave rather apathetically and at the same time there were any delays in defecation, you should pay special attention to the presence of other signs.

As noted earlier, long-haired cats are often constipated. Due to the long fur, the intestines are “clogged” with such formations, but this is not the main reason. For example, tubular bones that some owners allow their pets to “savor” are the main enemy. Since it is this type of product that can cause the formation of hardened residues in the intestine.

With little or no bowel movement, you should immediately determine the cause of constipation and immediately proceed to action that completely excludes this phenomenon.

Treatment Methods

constipation in cats after surgery

Several types of techniques can be used depending on the nature of the cat. The first of them is vaseline oil, which can not only soften the feces, but also significantly “relax” the intestinal walls.

But in some cases, the best option is to use an enema. True, not all animals will tolerate calmly during the procedure. That is why, first of all, you need to try the first method and only then the second, if there is no result.

The first thing to look out for is the fact that liquid paraffin is practically odorless and tasteless. That is why the pet will most likely accept it without any “complaints”.

It is necessary on the first day of treatment to give the cat 5 ml from a syringe every four to five hours. The number of times of admission should not exceed five per day. Too much oil can lead to an absolutely opposite, also harmful effect – diarrhea.

An enema is used only when the pet’s condition has deteriorated significantly and oil or other drugs do not help at all. It is not always possible to carry out this procedure yourself at home. That is why it is best to consult a highly qualified veterinarian.

In addition, various special preparations should be added to normalize the bowel function, as well as to maintain the correct microflora. But it is not always possible to maintain the appropriate dosage on your own. 

In no case should you risk your pet’s health. It is better to visit veterinary clinic for accurate diagnosis and selection of the most optimal way to remove the body from this state.

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