Why Does the Cat Have Wheezing?


Owners have been always worry and ask themselves: Why does the cat have wheezing and heavy breathing? Is it possible to help the animal at home? When is it necessary to seek veterinary help? The article has all answers for loving owners.

The List of Causes

Cat wheezing when breathing, appearance of wet or dry cough in the animal, indicate following diseases or pathological conditions:

cat wheezing when breathing
  • A foreign object in the respiratory tract. When a cat coughs up a foreign body, breathing is quickly restored.
  • Respiratory infection: unvaccinated kittens, weakened and elderly animals became ill. Bronchopneumonia develops, the thoracic cavity is filled with fluid.
  • Bronchial asthma is an allergic reaction to external objects. A systemic disease that requires lifelong treatment. 
  • Pulmonary helminths: parasites injure the bronchi, irritate them. Secondary microflora joins, exudate is released. A reflex cough develops. By means of which the animal removes parasites or exudates from the lungs by coughing.
  • Cardiac pathologies: the organ hypertrophies, presses on the bronchi, irritates the mucous membrane. Shortness of breath, dry cough occurs.

Short-faced cats are popular among animal lovers. With spontaneous breeding, individuals with congenital anomalies of the respiratory system appear. The development of pathological signs is promoted by inadequate nutrition, constant stressful situations.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Depending on the root of the problem, in addition to coughing, the following accomplaing symptoms may appear:

  1. dyspnea;
  2. refusal to eat;
  3. salivation;
  4. high temperature.
cat wheezing when playing

The veterinarian tests the animal, identifies clinical symptoms, collects anamnesis, takes blood samples for general analysis, biochemistry. If necessary, additional diagnostic tests are carried out:

  • stool analysis;
  • study of tracheal washings;
  • chest fluoroscopy.

The doctor deciphers the test’s results, develops a treatment strategy.

Treatment and Prevention

The pet’s owner should not perform first aid and quickly get it to the clinic. Only a veterinarian knows how to treat a disease that triggers a cat wheezing when breathing. The veterinarian prescribes conservative or surgical treatment.

Respiratory diseases can be prevented by following these rules:

  1. do not leave small objects on the floor;
  2. do not treat your pet with small bones;
  3. timely vaccinate and deworm the cat.

Most diseases do not occur when the owner protects the cat from stress and provides a nutritious diet.

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